Frequently Asked Questions

How many guests can fit in the limo?

Our Escalades can hold up to 20 guests, and our Town Cars up to 10.

Do you offer special wedding rates?

We do! Give us a call or send us an email to find out what our special wedding prices are right now, and book your bachelor or bachelorette party at the same time to get one full free hour of service.

What kind of drinks can we bring?

Anything you like. Water, wine, beer, liquor, sports drinks, iced coffee, iced tea... the possibilities are endless. The only restriction would be if minors will be joining you, see below.

Are passengers under 21 allowed?

Yes, but no alcohol is allowed on board in that case. This is not only our policy but it is also state law.

Can you travel outside of Maryland?

Not at the present time.

Can we keep the limo longer?

Yes! Your hourly rate will continue to be charged, but there won't be any additional fees to worry about.

Are there TVs in every limo?

We upgrade to new vehicles all the time, so this could change, but yes, there are typically TVs in every limo.

Can we listen to CDs?

Absolutely. Every limo features a CD player and high quality audio system.

Can we hook up our MP3 player?

Every limo offers this feature too!

Can we bring DVDs?

Yes! We suggest bringing your fave movies and/or music videos!

Do we have to clean the limo?

As long as you return the limo in the same condition it was in when it arrived, you're fine. If there were any spills or excessive messes, we ask that you do clean them up.

Is there privacy tint on the windows?

Of course. You can relax in complete privacy when on the road with us.

Do you provide water?

We do provide bottled water for our wedding parties. Otherwise we just provide ice and cups.

Do you provide alcohol?

No, but you are more than welcome to bring as much as you like to stock the bars and enjoy when traveling.

Can we eat in the limo?

Of course you may. Many of our passengers enjoy picking up takeout food to enjoy on the way home, ranging from pizza to Chinese food to fresh delicious sushi!

Can we smoke in the limo?

We do not allow smoking in any of our vehicles, and we thank you for adhering to this policy.

If we run over by 10 minutes, do we have to pay for a whole hour?

No! We charge you in 15-minute increments so you never pay for more time than you actually use.

Do you have any special deals?

We do offer special deals to save you money, and you can find out about them by calling or emailing us now!